Artists and Bands

Roster of artists

Karne Metal Box (latin, IDM, EBM, industrial, DnB)

Elodie du Détroitb(cinematic, techno, house, electronica)

Lautrèc (indie pop, rock, electro)

Arome Artificiel (synthpop, 80’s)

Engel7 (trance, progressive, futurepop)

Bricochicasn(french/latino pop, electro)

Baume Proxy (IDM, cinematic, soundtrack)

Grand Sommeil Noir (chill, synthwave, ambient)

Shtil project (yiddish, greek, french cinematic)

Harhylokin (dark folk, industrial, weirdo)

Sacha & The Lavenders (electropop)

DJ Ayam Zaman (oriental, balkan, world, EDM)

Iron Collins (EDM, dance, bass)

Les spectres (industrial, gothic, dark ambient)

Punta negra (afro latino brasil electro)

Dzheni Haniver (electro, balkan, chlaga)

Kinky Russia (dirty russian EDM)

Mad Nad (french folk, minimal wave) …